Professional Shingle Roofing Contractor - El Paso, TX

Shingle Roofing Contractor - El Paso, TX

Shingle roofing is commonly installed on pitched roofs where the roofs pitch is 4/12 or steeper. There are various shingle types 3-tab, T-Lock (discontinued), architectural dimensional and high weather resistant architectural dimensional.

Roofing shingles are made of a base either organic or fiberglass that is saturated with asphalt and coated with minerals on one side to resist weathering and rely on gravity to shed water. Fiberglass shingles are overwhelmingly the most popular shingle in El Paso TX due to its overall flexibility and strength. These are important factors to consider because as you know El Paso gets lots sunshine and high winds.

Something else to consider is that El Paso city code allows for shingle roofs to be overlaid with a new roof, if the initial roof is a single layer and not falling apart. The life expectancy of composition shingles depends on the shingle class selected but, can ranges from 20 to 50 years. All reputable manufacturers will cover their roof materials under warranty, but only if it has been installed by correctly.


Please visit these manufacturer’s websites for great visuals and various styles and grades of shingles. Also please speak with your estimator to determine which shingles are the best options available for your home through Roger Romero Roofing.


Special Considerations for Shingle / Sloped Roofing

problem roof decking

Roof Decking

Your roof deck provides the foundation for your roofing materials. The decking is sheets of wood (generally OSB or plywood) that are secured to the rafters of your home.

In some cases the decking may need to be replaced if its integrity has been compromised, usually due to age and normal wear and tear. There are many reasons this can occur including; inadequate attachment of existing panels, sagging or ridging between supports, soft and wet panels, mold/mildew growth at panels, or delamination. You may be able to identify bad decking by simply walking on it or by looking at the underneath of your decking (if you can see it from your attic). Very often however, you cannot determine the condition of your decking until your existing roof covering is removed. During you re-roof someone from Roger Romero Roofing will advise of the condition of your decking and what options are available.

Roger Romero Roofing uses only quality roofing materials, installed to manufacturer’s specifications. This provides you with not only a roof that will protect your home and family, but quality workmanship protecting one of your most valuable assets.